Adding bitnami helm charts to rancher

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So far I like rancher.

It has a real shiny gui that gives warm and fuzzies to novice kubernetes pilots like myself.

But when trying to install stackstorm-ha on my new pi-bernetes cluster; I found I was missing some chart repositories for a couple of dependancies:

- mongodb
- rabbitmq
- external-dns

After spending a few minutes wracking my head around it

TL;DR: don’t add by git repo, add by helm index

  1. Navigate to “Apps & Marketplace” of “Cluster Manager”
  2. Navigate to “Chart repositories”
  3. Click ‘create’
  4. DO NOT select ‘Git repository’, leave “target” as “http(s) URL to an index generated by Helm”
  5. Use Index URL of
  6. A winner is you!

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