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Embed image in grafana dashboard using github pages

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After having the plugin installed for a couple of years, I finally used Grafana’s ImageIt plugin on a dashboard request.

ImageIt enables you to overlay information on top of an image map. It’s a little bit tedious use at the moment, notably missing ‘duplicate’ button in the metric mappings.

My dilemma though - was that the imageit plugin requires you give a url where the image you want to embed will be hosted.

I wanted to avoid standing up a web server just to host this image.


We do have a github enterprise server at the ( remote ) shop.


Less than five minutes later, I was able to create a public repo, activate github pages, and host the image with no pain at all..

I’ll be using this one quite a bit I think. Be careful though, the images are public - so sensitive information needs another solution.

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